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Transponder Based Security System Information
for Domestic And Foreign Imported Vehicles

  • Vehicle Security Systems - Downloadable Updates 

    • Transponder Facts - by Ken Vitty, Sterling Investigations


      1.  The Top 5 Selling Cars in North America are now using transponders.
      2. Over 65% of the vehicles built in 2001+ are equipped with transponder keys.
      3. There are currently over 45,000,000 vehicles on North American roads that utilize transponder technology.
      4. 75% of these vehicles can be services by locksmiths.
      5. 25% of these vehicles require specialized diagnostic tools. (Specialized tools must be used to add or originate new transponder keys)

      Important Notes:
      1. To clone a key transponder value code with the specialized technical tools, a key is needed to clone an existing key.
      2. Lock picking, or the use of any other method of lock bypass without the use of the correctly cut mechanical key, leaves telltale evidence of use.
      3. The mechanical key cuts are also needed to rotate the ignition lock without causing damage to the steering column.
    • Transponder Lists (downloadable files)

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