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New Jersey Vehicle Theft Investigators (NJVTI) began its evolution in 1975. Members of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Community, State, County and Local realized that the crime of auto theft needed to be addressed from a statewide prospective. Our original founders had a simple agenda. An open dialogue to address the ever increasing auto theft problem in the State of New Jersey and to share this information for the betterment of all participating law enforcement. Eventually, the informal group became what is now known as NJVTI. The original founders made great sacrifices to establish the solid organization that we have today.

A current list of NJVTI Board of Directors and Officers is online. You must login as a member to contact an officer, otherwise use our general email form.

By virtue of our Constitution and By-laws NJVTI today is composed of NJ law enforcement officers and NJ Insurance Special Investigation Unit Investigators. These two groups by the nature of their profession seek to thwart Auto Theft and Insurance Fraud.

As indicated above NJVTI is formal organization with a non-profit status whose primary function is educate, train its members, the public at large about auto theft and auto related insurance fraud issues in the State of New Jersey. This is achieved by sharing information at our quarterly meetings and hosting a yearly Auto Theft Seminar designed to target current auto theft and auto related fraud topics. Our Seminar is open to all NJ Law Enforcement, Insurance Industry Professional and other interested parties.

Membership details are available online.  Please read all requirements, before submitting the application form.  Preferred payment method is online by using a credit card option, but checks are accepted.

For our terms of use, disclaimer, privacy, and copyright statements please read our Legal Disclaimer page.

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