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Articles are listed chronologically.

September 2013:

Theft of Classic Cars, Monterey, CA

August 2006:

Please Read Important Transponder Information
-- Re: Wired Magazine Article --
The August 2006 publication of "Wired" Magazine contained an article regarding transponder equipped vehicles. This negative article "Pinch My Ride" caused panic in the insurance industry and a deluge of questions to forensic locksmiths nationwide, due to a number of inaccurate statements and unsubstantiated representations.
The original Wired Article "Pinch My Ride" by Brad Stone (Wired Issue 14.08 - August 2006) is available at We have posted two responses to the article from noted forensic locksmiths. Hopefully, the response articles will set the facts straight and alleviate some of the controversy. The International Association of Investigative Locksmiths will be releasing another article soon. 
Please take time to review these articles, there are many enlightening facts for which you may not be familiar or may provide you with a more in-depth explanation to the transponder system. The third article is an update on Emergency Start procedures used to over-ride some transponder systems. 


July 2005: 

Lexus & Nissan to implement New Anti Theft Technology for all future Xenon lighting to identify stolen parts. Read about this new exciting technology from DataDot which may replace NHTSA Stickers -- the system is already being used by BMW in Australia to mark all major vehicle components. WebSite:  

February 2005:


January 2005:


September 2001: 

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